firewood serviceAs part of our environmental policy we recycle all materials from our arboricultural operations, this includes the timber created.

Our logs are split and air dried in well ventilated sheds for at least 18 months to attain the below 20% MC that gives the very best heat.

Our logs are delivered in bulk bags (1 cubic metre) out of a tipping pick up. Your logs can either be tipped into an appropriate area or we offer a stacking service (£20/hr/man, it takes approx 1hr to stack 1 cubic metre of logs depending on the distance to your log store).

We offer free delivery in Hamilton but will deliver all over central Scotland, just give us a call to discuss a small delivery charge out with Hamilton.

We also sell Chippings

If your tired of buying bag after bag of bark to mulch your garden, chippings can be a much cheaper alternative.

Obviously depending on the branch material chipped colour can vary, however all chippings darken fairly quickly and if all your concerned about is not having to weed that border again then give us a call to discuss your options.